In the month of September we are offering deep discounts on all Aspen Primary Flight displays, including the Evolution 1000 VFR PFD for under $4K! 

We are also offering FREE ADS-B integration software packages ($795 list savings) with the purchase of any display including the Pro 1000 PFD, Pro 1000 VFR, multi-function display, or multi-tube Evolution system including the ultimate glass panel, the Evolution 2500 system .

Always configurable. Always upgradeable.  Always affordable.

Deep discounts on displays and software packages, including the award-winning Evolution Angle of Attack software.

List Savings:

Savings Product Promo Price
$1,000 Evolution 1000 VFR PFD $3,995
$1,500 Evolution Pro PFD  $9,495
 $3,000 Evolution Pro Plus PFD $10,995
$5,490 Evolution 2500 (Pro PFD, 500 MFD, 1000 MFD)  $19,995
$3,995 Evolution 2000 (Pro PFD, 1000 MFD) $15,995
$3,495 Evolution 1500 (Pro PFD, 500 MFD) $12,995
$2,000 Evolution Class 3 Primary Flight Display $11,495
$1,100 Angle of Attack Software $895
$2,100 Synthetic Vision Software $895
$3,395 COMBO PACKAGE - Angle of Attack, Synthetic Vision software $1,595

Aspen-compatible ADS-B integration partners:

GARMIN:  GDL® 88 remote mount transponder; GTX™ 345 all-in-one panel mount transponder
L-3 LYNX:  NGT-2500 remote mount multilink surveillance system; NGT-9000 panel mount transponder
FREEFLIGHT SYSTEMS:  Rangr Series remote mount transponders

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Does not include installation.  Offer expires 9/30/2017