This is the time to break the glass ceiling.

We are starting 2017 with some amazing discounts on Aspen's award-winning flight display systems.

SAVE $2000! on our Pro Plus Primary Flight Display which includes Aspen's award-winning AOA and synthetic vision software in one amazing PFD  for a retail savings of $2,000.

SAVE $300!  On the Garmin GTX 345 ADS-B software unlock which normally lists at $795, but through January 31, 2017 the unlock will be reduced to $495.

To learn more about what ADS-B solution is right for you, please go to our ADS-B Configurator.

In addition, we are offering significant savings on Evolution multi-display systems through
January 31, 2017.

List Discount Product Sale Price Regular Price
$500 Evolution Pro PFD $10,495 $10,995
$2,000 Evolution Pro Plus PFD (AOA and SV) $11,995 $13,995
$500 Angle of Attack/Synthetic Vision Package $4,490 $4,990




All Aspen Evolution system pricing has been significantly reduced.

List Discount Product Sale Price
Regular Price
$4,731 Evolution 3000 (C3/MFD1000) $21,750  $26,481
$5,490 Evolution 2500 (Pro PFD/MFD1000/MFD500) $19,995  $25,485
$3,995 Evolution 2000 (Pro PFD/MFD1000) $15,995  $19,990
$3,495 Evolution 1500 (Pro PFD/MFD500) $12,995  $16,490






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To learn more, here's an article from an actual Aspen Owner - Worth the read:  Breathing New Life into A G1 Six-pack - Cirrus Owners Pilots Association Magazine.

Expires January 31, 2017.