Then, clean up your entire panel and save with a remanufactured  MFD1000 multi-function display (external battery) for just $5,995 with a one-year warranty. 

  • Multi-function display versatility with full PFD backup
  • Upgrade to an EFD2000 MAX system and save $1,000s
  • With EFD2000 MAX system, no more back up instruments required
  • Get charts, maps, weather, traffic and much more!
  • With the purchase of a legacy Pro PFD, or the remanufactured MFD1000 take up to a year to upgrade to the MAX for only $1,995 and save $3,000!

Buy a legacy EFD1000 Pro today and get free Synthetic Vision and save $1,995!

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Does not include installation.  Offer expires 6/30/2019